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Basketball Stars 2

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Do you consider yourself a basketball pro? Think you could have easily made it to the top of the league? One way to check it is to play Basketball Stars 2! Here you have a chance to test your knowledge of the game, skills and agility in a series of gripping one-on-one matches. Will you be able to score a record number of balls within one game? Let’s just see!

Smooth controls, nice mechanics, thrilling gameplay!

Once you launch Basketball Stars 2, you will be prompted to run a quick training session. It won’t hurt since you’re new to the game and need some head-start to get the hang of the controls and adapt to the local mechanics. Which are rather smooth, by the way, so it won’t be hard for you or anyone else to feel absolutely comfortable with them after a short while. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be scoring effortlessly from any point of the virtual court. No, to get the ball through the net, you still have a good hand-eye coordination and a gut feeling of when to make that shot. But don’t worry, you’ll get to it, you just need a little practice.

The main mode of Basketball Stars 2 sets you up against a random player. Each of you has to defend your side of the court while also trying to lead the ball past your opponent and throw it through the basket to earn points. The accuracy of the throw will affect the number of points you are going to get every time. So the more shots you do, no matter how successful, the higher your chances. You can also use various tactics and tricks to outmaneuver your rival – dodging, jumping and blocking can be used with the help of simple taps and swipes to diversify the gameplay.

All sorts of locations and courts!

Basketball Stars 2 offers diversity not only in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of the setting. There are several courts in the game where you can try your hand at scoring balls. They all are in different locations and thus provide a fresh impression whenever you move to a new court. Be it a common college campus, or a court at the central park amidst the green grass, blooming trees and idle spectators, or a sunny beach court where you can almost feel sand in your sports shoes, it’s surely be nice addition to your virtual basketball routine. Not that some locations come with either time limits or a limit to the number of points you can earn within one match. Check them all out in this riveting basketball game and show off your skills to the whole world!

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