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Basketball Stars

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If you’re a long-standing fan of basketball, you absolutely need to check out this great game! In Basketball Stars, you will be fighting it out on court against other players – real players! – striving to score a maximum number of points. The matches are run tete-a-tete which means there will be no team, just you and the other guy trying to outmaneuver each other on the court and get that ball right through the net. The one with a higher score wins, so your goal is basically to score more balls than your rival and fast because the clock is ticking!

No crazy graphics, just raw basketball!

Basketball Starts can’t be called a particularly realistic and graphically stunning game. The visuals are quite basic, with no special effects and the degree of lifelikeness that can shake your perception to the core and make you believe you’re actually on the court – none of that stuff. Instead, you can focus on the gameplay completely and nothing will distract you that much. And that’s probably a plus for this specific game because here you are up against a real person, not just a team of AI-controlled bots, which means your opponent can do anything and get to all kinds of unexpected tactics that you have to react and adjust to on the go. So, there you go, time to get down and see what you have!

Live opponents, smart tactics, real game!

Basically, in this game all you have to do is to score the ball. And you’d better do it in a way that will allow you to gain more points. The perfect shot when the ball lands right into the basket will earn you three of them. If it ricochets from the board or bounces of the rim of the basket, you will get only two points. There are also bonus shots that can double that amount.

However, putting the ball through the net may not appear to be so simple as it seems. First of all, you have to calculate the force of your shot based on the indicator at the top of the screen. If you throw too hard, the ball will just fly above the basket and get off the shield, and if you don’t do it hard enough, it will not reach the target at all. Besides, your opponent will try to get it out of your hands or simply jump at the right moment to prevent it from flying towards its goal. And you should be using lots of these maneuvers too. The game supplies you with an arsenal of tricks you can employ to fool your rival and defend your part of the court. All in all, Basketball Stars is a great basketball simulator for anyone who prefers real play against live rivals. Try it right now!

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