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Basketball Stars Legends

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For decades, basketball has remained one of the most spectacular and popular kinds of sports. Thousands of fans gather at the courts or in front of their TVs to watch another match and root for their favorite team. And it’s no wonder since basketball is not just a demonstration of physical abilities – it can be compared to some kind of art, seeing those athletes nearly dancing around the court, coming up with graceful tricks to outplay the opponent and performing jumps and shots that are sometimes almost miraculous. If that’s your kind of sports too, welcome to Basketball Stars Legends!

Learn your game and hone your skill!

In this fascinating game with vibrant graphics and a huge pool of live players to compete against, you can feel like a real basketball pro. There are basically two types of matches – time-limited shots and shots with blocks. The first type is more simple since here victory only depends on your accuracy. You have to throw the ball into the basket faster and neater than your rival to win. The opponent will be doing the same right next to you, but you won’t be interacting with each other in any way, so none of you will be able to interfere with each other’s shots.

The second type of matches is much more complicated and exciting. Here you can block the opponent’s shots, dodge him and fool him into believing you’re about to throw the ball when you’re actually not. Here tactics and skill get to play the decisive role. As long as the ball is in your hands, you’re guiding it around the court and keep scoring – the victory seems close. But once you miss or the opponent takes the ball away, now it’s you who needs to play on the defensive and worry about not letting them get to your own basket.

Make your way up the leagues!

The game has a well-developed league system. First, you will be playing in basic leagues. To participate in a match, you have to pay some kind of a fee, and in case of winning, you will receive the same amount. This fee will grow as you move through the leagues. And the money earned can be spent on customizing your character’s look. That concerns the outfits and the balls that are available in plenty of different types. That won’t affect the gameplay in any way nor will it give you any real edge over your rivals. It’s just a way to distinguish yourself from the other players and stand out from the crowd. So start your way up the leagues in Basketball Stars Legends, improve your skills and come out on top of the leaderboards!

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